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At 3WRK, we’re changing the way work works—for good.

Take ownership

3WRK is controlled by you, the Talent, through the GWRK token.

Make more money

Only 5% fee that goes back to the community.

Future-proof your career

Spend less time worrying about what’s next with access to long-term jobs.

Let community find jobs for you

Get matched with the best jobs by 3WRK community. They get rewarded if you land a job.

On-Demand Web3 Talent


Frontend, Backend, Smart Contract, Solidity, Python, Rust, Substrate and many more

Finance Experts

Tokenomics, Business Model, Pitch Deck, Tax, Analytics


Strategy, Consultants, NFT, Crypto, Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and many more

Product Managers

Product Research, Ideation, Roadmap, User Stories, Execution, Launch

Designers & Artists

2D, 3D, AI, Game, Music artists

3WRK Projects

3WRK Project Consultants assemble managed teams of seasoned experts for your most urgent needs

Frequently Asked Questions

We are slowly letting people in to 3WRK. We are doing it to focus on quality of sellers and work as well as quality of the platform. If you are early you have a big impact in shaping the platform. If you like to create dope s*, join us 🙂

How do I register as a freelancer?

Apply with your portfolio or work history here.

I'm looking to hire full-time/part-time

Amazing! Fill out this application and we will get back to you immediately. You can also look through our talent here.

What crypto can I pay with?