Matt Rak, CEO of Social Flow, recently introduced his new high ticket info product to the market. Matt had to rebuild his business - his offer, sales team and process to match his high ticket info product. During working together we proritiezed setting all the sales processes first, before we could focus on lead generation. Matt had also one wish: To take care of product and marketing and now to do sales. Read through on how we made that real in just 6 months.


During first month we went through fundamental training with Matt and his sales team on sales.
We realized that even the best lead generation without solid sales process will be not effective, so first we focused on setting everything up rather than speeding up with the volume of new lead.
We started to work with his sales current sales rep. We listened to current sales recordings, and by having weekly or sometimes bi- meetings we optimized his sales team abilities, and made them more confident. Then we worked on the processes itself setting that is - up sales funnels, automations, and calls structure. When that was ready we finally could work on the offer. Adding satisfaction guarantee was a big game changer in our process, and had high conversions. That was a time when we finally felt confident about rumping up our lead generation actions. In just few months Matt has seen a huge positive change in the number of leads that were coming through. After couple of months sales process was also systemized and optimized as much that Matt could finally focus on what he loves best - content creation and product development.


Social Flow is a company that focuses in high ticket couching in interpersonal relations and self development. The company was founded by Matt Rak, who had a vision of creating a business that would help people achieve their goals. However, the company was facing some challenges, such as low sales and a lack of leads.
In order to overcome these challenges, Matt decided to introduce a new high-ticket information product to the market. He realized that in order to make this product successful, he needed to rebuild his business and sales processes to match the new product. This is where we came in.


We worked closely with Matt and his team to achieve this goal. Our first step was to prioritize setting up a solid sales process before focusing on lead generation. We understood that even the best lead generation effort would not be effective without a solid sales process in place.
We provided fundamental sales training to Matt and his team, and analyzed their current sales recordings. Through weekly or bi-weekly meetings, we were able to optimize their abilities and increase their confidence. We also set up sales funnels, automations, and a structured call process. Our final step was to add a satisfaction guarantee, which resulted in a significant increase in conversions.
Once the sales process was in place, we ramped up our lead generation efforts. We focused on various lead generation channels such as cold outbound campaign on facebook groups which brought a whole new source of prospects to the company.


The results of our efforts were outstanding. In just six months, Social Flow transformed into a market leader. The company experienced a 300% growth month by month, and went from 4 figures to a market leader. The new high-ticket information product was a huge success, and the company was able to generate an abundance of leads. However, this success brought a new challenge - handling the overwhelming amount of leads.
We are currently working with Matt to scale his sales team by hiring a sales director, and Social Flow is constantly recruiting new sales reps to handle the influx of leads. Matt is now able to focus on marketing, his true passion, while the sales team is able to handle the abundance of leads.
In conclusion, our strategy and process have led to a tremendous growth for Social Flow. The company went from 4 figures to a market leader in just 6 months, experiencing a 300% growth month by month. Matt since then never had month when Social Flow was down in sales. The company's sales process and lead generation efforts have been optimized and systematized, allowing Matt to focus on what he loves best - creating valuable content and developing the product, while the sales team is able to handle the abundance of leads.